5 Best Golf Shoes Under $100

Golf shoes are regularly priced between $150 and $350. If you are on a budget but need a new pair of golf shoes, we have you covered with this list of the five best golf shoes under $100. When the price of golf shoes drops below $100, expect to give up a few features but some of these top choices scored well on our 2022 Most Wanted Spikeless and 2022 Most Wanted Spiked golf shoe tests. Here are three spikeless and two spiked models that will leave you comfortable, stable and with a few more dollars to your name.

Five Best Golf Shoes Under $100

To ensure that we looked at all the best golf shoes in the game, we pulled the results of two MyGolfSpy Most Wanted tests which included 69 pairs of shoes between the spiked and the spikeless models combined. The Skechers Go Golf Max 2 Golf Shoes were the highest-ranked shoe below that $100 mark.

Best Overall: Skechers GO GOLF Max 2 Golf Shoes

Key Features

The Skechers GO GOLF Max 2 golf shoes got a total ranking of 92/100 this year with solid ratings in both comfort and elements. The GO GOLF Max 2 is podiatrist certified for arch support. This is probably how the shoe scores so high in comfort. However, when it comes to stability and traction, the Skechers GO GOLF Max 2 were in the middle of the pack.

One features is removable insoles that reduce shock and make the shoe comfortable. Weight dispersion is also increased with the insole in place. The shoes themselves are considered ultralightweight and this is a spikeless model.

All Skechers GO GOLF Max 2 golf shoes have a one-year waterproof protection warranty. The design is pretty basic but if you care about your feet and want a shoe that doesn’t hurt, the GO GOLF Max 2 has a lot to offer.

Key Features:

  • One-year waterproof protection
  • Patended Skechers Arch Fit insole
  • Lightweight cushioning and responsive feel
  • Synthetic and mesh upper
  • Highly breathable
  • The insole is removable but it will mold to your foot and reduce shock.

Who It’s For

Golfers on a budget who care about comfort and waterproof technology will enjoy the Skechers GO GOLF Max 2 golf shoes. Keep in mind that these did not rank very high for traction. Let’s face it: a shoe that costs less than $100 can’t have it all. If you really go after the ball hard, look for something with better traction.


Best For Comfort: New Balance Fresh Foam Pace SL

The New Balance Fresh Foam Pace SL is a spikeless shoe known for its comfort and traction. With a score of 89/100 in our spikeless test, the New Balance held its own.

Both the New Balance and the Skechers GO GOLF had really similar ratings when it came to comfort. It seems as though finding spikeless shoes under $100 that are comfortable isn’t a problem. This shoe has a waterproof performance mesh upper and a synthetic rubber sole.

It has a sporty look and the critical technology feature is the Fresh Foam innovative midsole. That “cloud-like” feel you may have come to expect in spikeless golf shoes comes with the New Balance Fresh Foam Pace SL. Another standout feature here is a two-year waterproof warranty. For less than $100, that’s a pretty good find.

Key Features

  • Two year waterproof warranty
  • Available with BOA closure for a little over $100
  • Fresh Foam midsole for a more comfortable feel
  • Molded CUSH+ insole increases overall comfort
  • Impressive traction for a spikeless shoe

Who It’s For

If you always purchase the extended warranty, the New Balance Fresh Foam Pace SL was made for you. Expect a durable golf shoe that won’t have you sliding on wet turf and is plenty comfortable enough to walk the golf course.


Best For Stability: adidas S2G SL

The adidas S2G golf shoes scored 88/100 on our spikeless golf shoe test, just behind the New Balance Fresh Foam Pace SL. Most golf shoes in the under $100 category that are spikeless struggle a bit with stability. However, the adidas S2G SL finished 14th—in the middle of the pack. The rubber sole gives golfers confidence in the setup that remains in place throughout the swing.

With the Bounce midsole, there is some cushioning and flexibility in the adidas S2G. If you are interested in products made with recycled materials, these shoes have up to 50 percent recycled materials incorporated.

Key Features

  • Made to be comfortable
  • Not the best when it comes to walking in wet grass. Not waterproof
  • Flexibility in midsole
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Contain some recycled materials

Who It’s For

If you want a fairly priced shoe that feels almost like a casual sneaker, these spikeless adidas S2G SL are an excellent choice. They are pretty stable, all things considered, and feel comfortable.


Best Spiked: Callaway Men’s Solana TRX V2 Golf Shoes

Spiked golf shoes tend to have better traction and stability than spikeless so that’s why many players still prefer them. The Callaway Men’s Solana TRX V2 golf shoes are the best spikeless shoe under $100. These finished with 89/100 on our test this year and had strong stability, comfort and traction ratings.

The Solana TRX V2 have a two-year waterproof warranty. A Fast Twist 3.0 removable cleat keeps you a little lower to the ground without losing stability or power in your swing. In addition, there is an Opti-Vent mesh liner that helps to keep your foot from getting too hot. Callaway also included the Forge DX midsole for a more natural and comfortable arch.

As comfortable and clean-looking as the Solana is, the five-spike Dura-rubber outsole helped this shoe earn seventh and sixth place in stability and traction respectively. Pretty impressive for less than $100.

Key Features

  • Opti-Dri waterproof microfiber leather
  • Two-year limited waterproof warranty
  • Fast Twist 3.0 removable cleats for great longevity
  • Lower to the ground for a natural feel and increased comfort

Who It’s For

If you are on a budget but still need some stability and traction in a shoe, the Callaway Solana TRX V2 golf shoes are an excellent choice for less than $100. When you throw in the waterproof warranty, the value only gets better.


Best For Elements: Under Armour Charged Draw RST

The Under Armour Charged Draw RST is the best option under $100 for handling golf in the elements. If you like playing in the early morning or when the weather is less than ideal, the Under Armour Charged Draw has a few features that can help. The Never-Wet treatment is applied to the shoe during manufacturing to help keep water off of your feet. In addition, the webbed lacing system ensures a more locked-down fit in the midsole.

Under Armour included the UA Rotational Resistance spikes that helped this shoe earn a sixth-place finish in traction against all other spiked golf shoes. Under Armour also encourages more comfort with the soft 3D-printed mesh upper.

Key Features

  • Breathable and durable leather upper
  • Never Wet treatment
  • Webbed lacing ensures more of a lockdown fit
  • UA Rotational Resistant (RST 2.0) spikes

Who It’s For

If you hate playing golf with wet shoes (who doesn’t?) and also care about some traction and comfort, the Under Armour Charged Draw RST is an excellent shoe for less than $100.


Final Thoughts

Our list of the best golf shoes under $100 should help you see that you can still get some excellent equipment on a budget. But be realistic about what you can expect from a $100 golf shoe. For example, a shoe may rank well in stability but lack comfort or vice versa. Pick out the features that mean the most to you and find a shoe that checks those boxes.


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