Seeing the word “Jet” linked to any line of golf products (remember TaylorMade’s JetSpeed?) takes me back to McCartney’s Band on the Run album and that anthem-like single I loved to crank on my stereo: “Jet, with the wind in your hair of a thousand laces, climb on the back and we’ll go for a ride in the sky.”

COBRA is angling for a much different “ride in the sky” with AEROJET.

Evolving from last year’s LTDx irons, COBRA’s latest game-improvement offering pushes the speed and distance narrative for that category.

Let’s face it: the majority of golfers who play for fun are transfixed on more distance with the driver.

Counterpoint: Additional distance from seven clubs, not just one, provides the same kind of fun but with undeniable game-improvement benefits.

That’s what COBRA wants to communicate to their target market about AEROJET. In their words: “New levels of speed and distance than they thought possible in their iron game.”

Floating PWR-Bridge.

PWR-Bridge has replaced the PWR-COR in LTDx from a year ago.

Why is COBRA calling it a “bridge”? The internal 70-gram steel weight (fixed in LTDx) now is separated from the 431 stainless steel body, face and sole of the hollow-bodied iron head. Being completely untethered means the weight is effectively “floating,” helping to create additional room around the PWR-Bridge. That provides the head structure more opportunity for clubface and body flexion.

COBRA’s touting a double-dip benefit: a lower and “more centered” center of gravity (CG), creating higher launch and additional speed/distance.

PWRShell Gets a Facelift

Making face deflection a priority on the AEROJET agenda meant a little plastic surgery to the face profile. Wrapping around onto the toe of the irons, the forged 17-4 PWRShell insert now has a variable thickness patterned H.O.T. Face with a 22-percent larger “thin” area (the thinnest point being just 1.9 millimeters and the thickest being 2.3) than the previous LTDx model.


“H.O.T.” in this case stands for Highly Optimized Topology. Designed by COBRA using artificial intelligence, the face design has
multiple zones with varied thicknesses and shaping, delivering what COBRA is calling a larger “Sweet Zone.” The end game is more efficient speed and spin across a larger area of the clubface.

How Much More?

According to COBRA, combining PWR-Bridge, PWRShell and H.O.T. Face technologies produced 10 percent more face deflection in AEROJET than LTDx. Robot testing revealed a 1.8-mph gain in speed and 3.5 more yards of distance.

Upgrading for Sound/Feel?


The AEROJET iron head is injected with foam to improve acoustics and feel. In COBRA-speak, it’s a “Polymer Feel System.” Engulfing the hollow area around the PWR-Bridge weight, the filler acts like it does in all of these kinds of models—a vibration dampener helping to provide a softer, more forged-like feel and a quality sound at impact.

Trios of Setups


Variable-length AEROJET irons come in three setups:

  • Seven-piece steel: 4-PW (RH; stiff flex)
  • Seven-piece graphite: 5-GW (RH/LH; stiff and regular flex)
  • Seven-piece graphite combo: 5H, 6-PW, GW (RH; stiff, regular, lite flex)

For graphite, COBRA offers the KBS PGI (85 gram-stiff flex, 75-regular flex, 65 lite flex) with Lamkin Crossline grips. KBS Tour Lite 100 (regular and stiff) gets the nod as the stock steel shaft.

COBRA’s ONE Length irons, built to 7-iron length (37.25 inches) with the exact same weights, also come three ways:

  • Seven-piece steel: 5-GW (RH/LH – stiff, regular)
  • Seven-piece graphite: 5-GW (RH – stiff, regular, lite)
  • Seven-piece graphite combo: 5H, 6-PW, GW (RH – regular, lite)

They have the same shafts as the variable length but with one grip difference: Lamkin Crossline grips for ONE Length are distinguishable by red-and-blue paint fill.

The AEROJET “Fore the Ladies” line boasts the same speed, distance and technology story with one cosmetic difference: the colorway will be silver and ice-blue. KBS PGI women’s flex graphite shaft is the stock offering. They are sold as a combo set: 5H, 6H, 7-PW and SW in right-hand only.

Pricing and Availability

AEROJET irons are priced at $999 with stock steel shafts and $1,099 for graphite.

Retail availability and online is set for Feb. 10.






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