First Look: PXG Nick Jonas Capsule Collection

In mid-November, famed musician Nick Jonas partnered with PXG to create the Scottsdale-based brand’s first-ever apparel collaboration. Jonas, an avid golfer, felt PXG provided the perfect outlet to share his passion for fashion. The project, headed by Renee Parsons, thrusts PXG’s ever-growing apparel line into the limelight and aims to capitalize on today’s trend of fashion-focused golf apparel.

The Details

  • The PXG x NJ Capsule Collection was released on Nov. 15.
  • The limited-edition collection is comprised of 15 apparel styles and nine accessories.
  • Both the apparel styles and accessories are available online and at brick-and-mortar PXG retail locations.

Initial Thoughts

Let me preface my thoughts with this: I’m far from a traditionalist when it comes to golf apparel and fashion. While I wouldn’t consider myself trendy or fashionable, I find traditional golf apparel too vanilla. Does the PXG x NJ Capsule Collection challenge this traditionalist approach to golf fashion?


The PXG x NJ Capsule Collection is unequivocally different. But, in this case, is “different” good? I’m admittedly very open to progressive fashion but even I found some of the apparel and accessory items pretty radical.

The Good

There are two items you absolutely can’t mess up if you want a successful apparel line: polos and hats. These two staples set the standard for the rest of an apparel collection. In this case, the PXG x NJ Capsule Collection hits the mark. The PXG x NJ Hat is clean, classy and simple—exactly how it should be.

PXG x NJ Hat

While some of the polo designs are a little too much for me, two designs stood out as real winners. I’d have no problem wearing both the V-Stripe and Hybrid Knitted Polo. Simple, understated, with just enough of that classic PXG flair.

PXG Nick Jonas Capsule Collection

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The Bad

Not all is good in the land of Jonas. A few of the items from the apparel collection are flat-out bad. No knock on PXG—you’re bound to miss on a few items in a collection this large. Think of it like the discount ball bin at your local course: for every Pro V1 you find, the math says you’re going to dig out a couple refurbished balls, too. You know, the kind you should stay away from at all costs?

PXG Nick Jonas Capsule Collection

That item in the PXG x NJ Capsule Collection is the Techno Stripe Buckle Pants. Forget the outrageous price tag, these pants are a total duck. The last thing time I saw a pair of trousers this unappealing was at my high school orchestra concert … I couldn’t take those tuxedo pants off fast enough. Miss me with these pants. I’ll stick to my Lululemon.

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The Xtreme

PXG Nick Jonas Capsule Collection

If I removed all of the logos from this last item and made you guess which golf company produced it, what would you say? This one’s got PXG written all over it. Dare I say these NJ Slides are as loud as Bob Parson’s television commercials? I commend PXG for pushing the envelope on this one. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone put actual golf spikes INSIDE of a sandal.

No, the spikes aren’t functional. And, no, they aren’t suited for the golf course. But if you just can’t bear to spend your leisure time without flaunting your social status, the NJ Slides are perfect. No need to tell everyone that you’re a PXG fanboy. These $95 slides do plenty of talking on their own.

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Finding the Right Chord

There’s no doubt the PXG Nick Jonas Capsule Collection struck a chord with the golf world—but did it strike the right one? I’d venture to say PXG isn’t losing sleep over the initial reactions here. With the launch of their first apparel collaboration, we’ve seen a small glimpse of what the future of golf fashion holds. In any case, the introduction of celebrities, influencers and the like are sure to become a mainstay as brands like PXG continue to tread the fine line between fashion and failure.

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