PING PLD Anser Patent 55 Limited-Edition Gold Putter

  • PING is releasing the fourth and final limited-edition 2022 PLD Patent 55 Anser.
  • This PLD Anser is gold-plated over milled stainless steel.
  • Only 55 produced
  • On sale Monday, Dec. 12,  at 2 p.m. EST for $990 at

On Monday, Dec. 12, PING is releasing the last in their series of 2022 PLD Patent 55 Limited Edition Anser putters. So far, we’ve celebrated the fifty-fifth anniversary of PING’s Anser patent with three limited-run PLD Ansers, machined in bronze, stainless steel and pure copper. This time, PING produced a preposterously precious putter. Once again, the story is all about the metal. What special metal is PING using to close out the series?

That’s gold, Jerry. Gold!

For the last 2022 PLD Limited-Edition Anser, PING is covering the putter in gold. Yes, actual gold. For once, your phone didn’t auto-correct “golf” to “gold.” Although this PLD Anser is milled stainless steel on the inside, its surface will be covered in gold.


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Why a Gold Anser?

Obviously, plating an Anser putter in gold is a surefire way to make it valuable. That’s the whole thing about gold. For some reason, we silly humans find it worth coveting. We make all kinds of things from gold from car emblems to rope-chain necklaces that sometimes also have gold car emblems.

The gold in this PING putter establishes the value but it also evokes a bit of a history lesson. Did you know PING made their first gold-plated putter back in the 1970s? PING founder Karsten Solheim had the idea of producing gold-plated putters to celebrate Tour victories. Rumor has it that the first few were stored on his desk and then in a closet in his office once his desk was overrun with golden winners.

Soon though, the closet storage system became a problem as players kept winning tournaments with PING putters. The ever-increasing ranks of gold putters needed another home.

The PING Gold Putter Vault

What should you do when you have a bunch of gold Ansers piling up in your closet? Build a vault! PING’s Gold Putter Vault is one of the most amazing things at PING Headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz. It has a legit vault door, which is cool. However, you don’t really appreciate the significance of that door until you peek inside.

There are more than 3,000 gold-plated putters in the PING vault! Actually, the number is closer to 3,200, representing decades of wins. Truth be told, it’s a bit overwhelming. You’ll find Tiger’s amateur winning Ansers in there, quite a few from Mr. Westwood and more than a couple of Seve’s gold-plated Ansers.

Speaking of gold Ansers, there are 700 gold-plated Ansers in the vault. Have you ever wondered why so many companies make a version of the Anser? It’s because there are 700 gold ones in PING’s vault.

This is why PING is celebrating their patented design. This is why a single putter deserves a whole year of fanfare and multiple limited editions.

Going, Golden, Gone

“Our tradition of awarding gold-plated PING putters to tournament champions has arguably created the most valuable collection of putters in the world. It’s a great source of pride for us, and golfers who have a chance to visit the Vault stand in amazement as they soak in its place in history. The Anser putter occupies the most space by far in the Vault, so it’s only natural we’d offer a gold-plated version to complete the PLD Limited collection.” PING Executive Chairman John A. Solheim

Your chance to buy one of these gold-plated Anser Patent 55 putters comes Dec. 12 at 2 p.m. EST at The price is up a bit this time at $990—but it is made of gold, after all.

A thousand bucks is a lot for a putter but it feels like the price should be higher. First, it’s made of gold. Second, it’s a PING gold-plated putter. Gold-plated PING putters only exist in the PING Vault and in the hands of the tournament winners. For amateurs like me, winning a professional tournament is probably not a path to acquiring a gold PING putter. Buying this limited-edition PING PLD is the only viable golden option. These are scarce. There are only 55 of them and who knows if PING will ever offer golden Ansers to the general public again?

As I said, the price seems low. There is no way this putter won’t appreciate in value. Best of luck to those of you trying to grab one on Monday, especially to those looking to complete the set.

Grab the gold and find out more at

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