Kamitty Golf Tees Plastic, Unbreakable Golf Tees 3 1/4″ Pack of 50 with Big Cup & 8 Prongs


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Product Description


How Golf Tees Make An Impact On Your Game?

Weather, swing speed, patience, a bit of luck, all play their part. Even considering some of these uncontrollable obstacles, one thing you do have control of is your golf tees, they eliminate your club’s contact with the ground and decrease room for mistakes.

Plastic tees are more durable than wooden and make it through an average day on the golf course. Understanding the height of tee is just as important as the material. The height of the tee will help a golfer avoid the gear effect.

golf tees plasticgolf tees plastic

golf tees Large Cup Design

Large cup design allows to tilt the ball toward the hole as much as 20%, easily place ball on tees.

plastic golf tees 8 Prongs for Less Friction

Prongs reduce friction & resistance between ball & tee, less surface area makes cleaner contact.

long golf tees One Tee Can Last the Whole Season!

More durable than wood and present less friction with the ball. Not easy to break and bend.

plastic tee Tee It Up At The Same Height Every Time!

Tee height reduce a slice as it can improve swing path into the ball. Reduce side spin and slice.

wooden golf tees 50 Counts For Each Pack

Tees come in a clear reusable bag that is easy to store, clean, carry, and water resistant.

1 Large Cup Design 2 Less Friction 3 Long Lasting 4 Tee Height Marker 5 Perfect Your Game

golf teegolf tee

Specifications Of Kamitty Golf Tees

Material: PC Color: Black & White Tee Length: 84mm / 3 1/4” Length of the black ring: 2-1/4”, 1.85”, 1.38” Cup Diameter: 43mm / 1.7” Total Weight: 117g / 4.13oz Package Content: Blue golf tee * 50 Item Dimensions 6.3 X 9.84 X 1.57 inches

【Perfect Your Game】Different clubs require different tee heights so that you can hit a good shot. Our durable golf tees are designed to provide golfers with tee height markers for various clubs.
【Virtually Unbreakable】Plastic golf tees are more durable than wood and present less friction with the ball, made of high-quality plastic, not easy to break and bend.
【Less Friction More Distance】A golf tee with 8 flexible prongs tip reduces resistance and allows better contact.
【Tee Height Marker】The 3 1/4” long golf tees with colored rings to help keep your ball at the same height on every tee for more consistent height and contact.
【Big Cup Design】These tees come with large cup design, allows you to easily place the ball on it to keep it steady.

Kamitty Golf Tees Plastic, Unbreakable Golf Tees 3 1/4″ Pack of 50 with Big Cup & 8 Prongs
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