The iGo T-Link Golf Divot Repair and Smart Tee Holder


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(as of Dec 09,2022 13:22:37 UTC – Details)

The iGo T-LINK manages your pitch mark repairer, tees, and metal ball marker. The iGo tees nest perfectly in the crook of the pitch mark tool and safely carries the ball marker. No more messing around in your pockets to find the right piece. And no more holes in your pockets! The hollow iGo Tees are biodegradable, very durable, friction free, and with touch points for woods and irons. The strong points make these smart Tees easy to push into the ground and to use consistently.
The iGo T-LINK carries your pitch repairer, metal ball marker and tees easy to hand – no more holes in your pockets! Always ready to tee off, repair a divot or mark your ball.
Made of recycled polymer – available in Blue, Pink, and Grey – double prong design for quick and proper green maintenance.
Supplied with 2 iGo TEES L – 67 mm (2 6/8 “) – biodegradable but durable, friction free, touchpoints for woods and irons, strong points to push into ground – make for consistent use
iGo Labs has a clear mission – all our products are designed with a modern take to make golf simpler and more organised.
Designed and made in UK 601573 – Metal Ball Markers held by neodymium magnets – shipped direct from the UK

The iGo T-Link Golf Divot Repair and Smart Tee Holder
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