LAZR Premium Golf Wedge Set 52 56 60 Degree. 3 Forged Golf Club Wedges For Men.

Product description

This LAZR golf wedge set is made in the same factory as some of the “best” clubs in the world. It's no secret that forged golf wedges are the club of choice for the top golfers on the planet. – Golf Wedge Set 52 56 60 Degree. – Length: 35 1/4 – Forged Head – Bounce: 8, 12, 10 – Shaft: Stepped Steel High Quality Forged Head Micro Milled Face Versatility for Weekend Warriors Or Excellent Golfers What if we told you… That our clubs are literally manufactured in the same exact facilities as the biggest brands in the world? We are here to tell you that LAZR clubs are in fact made alongside the best clubs in the world. We are here for one reason – To provide you with the greatest quality clubs at the greatest price. When in history have you been able to swing a set of 3 golf wedges that are sold for 1/3 as the big retail competitors of the world charge $150 for a single wedge made in the same factory? This is why we decided to disrupt the golf industry and offer the best clubs at an unbeatable price. Whats inside the box: golf wedge 52 , golf wedge 56 , golf wedge 60 We KNOW you will love the LAZR Wedges. Value. Precision. Consistency. We are here for you!

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