McConnor Golf Hat For Men and Women – Adjustable Pro Sports Cap For Running Tennis Baseball

Product description

With more than 20 years of combined experience in sports, clothing and accessories, our team was able to isolate the specific needs of athletes and sports enthusiats. We took all the most requested features of all high performance sports caps and improved upon them to give you the latest McConnor design to suit your daily activities. We have tested the caps in perfomance conditions with top athletes in Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Cycling, Volleyball, Softball. They were also tested in Yoga, Working Out, Cross Training, Triathlon and Running. Although it should not even come in discussion, most of our competitors fail to provide even the basics of a high quality product. The stitchings are reinforced with high tension polyfiber string and tensioned perfectly to provide both strength and flexibility. The embroidery is “full-stitch”, with the same high density string, providing long-lasting color and shape, while making a statement of quality. A practical and fashionable selection of colors is available and many more are to come as we are constantly working on expanding our collection. The design and colors offer the sporty of the casual look, strictly by the choice of your outfit. The timeless design and adjustable fit make the McConnor Pro Golf Cap an excellent choice for men and women, no matter the age, weight or height. The elegant packaging also makes for a great gift. Depending on the type of activity, you might want to wear the cap reversed, for activities like running, photography, gym. Being made of 100% cotton and adjustable, you will not be left with the “regular” marks on the forehead skin and will not bear the discomfort that other hats apply.

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