Practice Golf Balls (16-Pack) Limited-Flight Foam Golf Balls to Improve Your Swing – Dent Resistant Yellow Golf Balls Practice- Perfect for Indoors, Basement & Backyard. Perfect for Men and Kids

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Product Description

golf practice ballsgolf practice balls

Practice and Perform Like a Pro

The PGA Pros make it look easy. What’s their secret? The way they practice. You can’t train with average tools and expect superior results. Trust your golf game to PGA Pro Shaun Webb, who designed these limited-flight foam practice golf balls to improve your game on and off the course. Whether you’re a seasoned pro training for the tour, learning the fundamentals, or just wanting to get in some exercise and recreation, these practice golf balls are perfect for every golfer at any skill level. Each ball is made to last, reflecting Shaun Webb’s dedication to creating quality golf training accessories for anyone and everyone.

Why do you need Shaun Webb practice golf balls?

Indoor OutdoorIndoor Outdoor

Bring the Range to You!

Indoor Improvement

Rainy day have you stuck inside? City living making it hard to get to the driving range? Need a quick break from sitting at your desk? Your swing shouldn’t suffer. If you can’t make it to the range, bring the range to you!

This set of soft and spongy foam practice balls can be used in small, indoor spaces without the risk of damaging property or people. Working on your swing is essential to improving your performance, and now you can take practice swings anywhere in any season. Leave your practice mat and net set up in your basement or garage for driving drills. Perfect your grip on your balcony, or refine your chipping in your living room knowing your furniture, appliances, and family members are safe.

Outdoor Opportunities

Why pay for a bucket of refurbished balls you can’t get back? Instead tee up our foam practice golf balls in your backyard, front yard, or at your local park again and again. See the speed and trajectory of your shots in any outdoor space. You’ll spot the neon yellow color on any terrain and the limited flight design makes them easily retrievable. You won’t bust a neighbor’s window or lose a ball!

Outperform Your Competition

With the ability to practice in any space at any time, you will blow your competition out of the water. Don’t rely on range time to become the best golfer on your next outing. Take your golf game into your own hands!

Perfect for Any Space Backyard Frontyard Basement Balcony Living room/family room Office Apartment










Functional Design

Authentic dimple design and 1 5/8 inch diameter mimic a real golf ball. Look and feel like you are practicing with the real deal at a fraction of the cost. The neon yellow color was carefully chosen to be easy to spot, unlike blue, white, red, orange, or pink practice balls.

Durable Quality

High-quality foam is dense enough to resist the strongest swings. Max out your speed with our impact-resist practice balls. They won’t dent, crack, or explode like plastic practice balls. Shaun Webb practice balls are nearly indestructible. Fix your divots, not your training tools!

Limited Distance

Our foam balls are weighted more than a plastic ball and give you more control over your practice shots. Confidently train with these balls anywhere knowing the limited-flight design makes them easy to retrieve and reuse. Use them with any club: drivers, woods, irons, and wedges.

Exceptional Value

Repeat visits to the driving range can add up and quickly burn a major hole in your pocket. Our foam practice golf balls will save you valuable time and money while helping you improve your golf skills. One bulk 16-pack will last you longer than a basket of balls at the range, and when it comes time to replace them it won’t break the bank!

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Training Video Included

Designed by Shaun Webb, PGA

Perfect for a gift?

100% Foam
PERFORMS ALMOST LIKE REAL GOLF BALL – UNLIKE OUR COMPETITORS these soft and spongy foam golf practice balls are designed to fade, draw and spin JUST LIKE A REAL GOLF BALL, but it will go half the distance making it an excellent practice tool for perfecting your golf swings. BEWARE CHEAP INDOOR GOLF BALLS. They may even look like rubber golf balls, but they are different and will end up affecting your overall performance.
STOP LOSING YOUR PRACTICE FOAM GOLF BALLS – Always losing your white dull-colored practice balls? These yellow foam golf balls are bright yellow so you can easily spot them in the grass when you practice outside. DON’T LET OTHER GOLF TRAINING BALLS FOOL YOU WITH FANCY COLORS (Hint: Blue and red are not easy to find on the grass), stay away from golf wiffle practice balls or plastic golf balls
BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, SAVE TIME AND GET AHEAD OF YOUR GOLF BUDDIES – Got no time to head to the green or hit the range? Go ahead and practice your putting and swing in the backyard or at home. Get a bucket full of these golfballs in your bag and have the best practice hitting these floppy balls real hard without worrying about breaking anything.
STAY AWAY FROM PLASTIC GOLF BALLS – Tired of used practice golf balls foam or plastic balls or golf wiffle balls that crack and dent easily? Our golf practice balls are made out of soft, high density foam designed to be ALMOST INDESTRUCTIBLE and withstand impact without breaking apart or cracking.
GOLF WITH CONFIDENCE – Become a better golfer and have more fun with these indoor practice golf balls. Try them with our other simple golf training aids, gadgets, and complimentary training videos to hit the course like a pro. Our simple, yet effective tools created by experts will improve any golfer’s game. If our products don’t enhance your game, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Practice Golf Balls (16-Pack) Limited-Flight Foam Golf Balls to Improve Your Swing – Dent Resistant Yellow Golf Balls Practice- Perfect for Indoors, Basement & Backyard. Perfect for Men and Kids


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